Resource – Paper 441

SocialLink: Linking DBpedia Entities to Corresponding Twitter Accounts

Yaroslav Nechaev, Francesco Corcoglioniti and Claudio Giuliano


clock_eventOctober 24, 2017, 13:30.
house Lehár 1-3
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We present SocialLink , a publicly available Linked Open Data dataset that matches social media accounts on Twitter to the corresponding entities in multiple language chapters of DBpedia. By effectively bridging the Twitter social media world and the Linked Open Data cloud, SocialLink enables knowledge transfer between the two: on the one hand, it supports Semantic Web practitioners in better harvesting the vast amounts of valuable, up-to-date information available in Twitter; on the other hand, it permits Social Media researchers to leverage DBpedia data when processing the noisy, semi-structured data of Twitter. SocialLink is automatically updated with periodic releases and the code along with the gold standard dataset used for its training are made available as an open source project.

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